This power is both miraculous and mundane. We deploy it in a routine way to meet our daily needs. But we can also deploy it in extraordinary circumstances to achieve extraordinary things. For he also knows how this “bread of life” becomes enough - enough to keep us going in the long term; enough to support us in adversity, conflict and persecution; enough so that we can address every nature and scale of need. Jesus offers us a power which has unlimited potential. For if we know how to find bread for our hunger, we know how everything else is given too. We have access to the infinite and eternal resources of God. We have found the Way to the Source of Life itself.

And he can teach us how to demonstrate this, too. The “Way” of Jesus is a “journey of faith”; a step-by-step process of generating, maximising and magnifying life in people, relationships and situations - whatever our circumstances

To be effective life-givers, we have to live according to the priorities Jesus identifies in his commandments: create the right conditions - the good soil for the seed - the conditions which allow the seed of faith to germinate and grow - which foster and reinforce the process of growth:

- offering God the allegiance of our whole selves;

- learning to love ourselves;

- facing our fears of inadequacy and lack;

- travelling light by letting go;

- allowing ourselves to ask.

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