Reflecting the Creator

Reflecting The Creator

Blyton identified, isolated and enhanced precisely those elements of a situation that stimulated my imagination. opened up my inner world and formed my imagination as a storyteller because despite her faults she knows exactly what she is doing. When I began to tell - and write - my own stories, it was her books I sought to emulate. Like riding a bicycle, storytelling is a dynamic, an activity. You learn it by doing it. It requires confidence, pace, balance, direction and practice. Lots of practice. She makes it look easy, but it isn’t.

Realising God’s intention. Reflecting the image of God. Living according to God’s image of who we are as the children of God.


We are created for abundance

Evolutionary development

Experience of nomadic peoples in harsh landscape

The land provides an abundance providing we do not stay too long in one place

Key to the success of our species

Our ability to change our location, behaviour, beliefs

In order to discover and exploit new resources

To do this, we imagine an abundance “somewhere else”

We convey that vision to others

We act as if the imagined abundance is real

Process hardwired into our brains

Storied into our culture

Optimum human behaviour

Uses what we have

Applies what we know already

We are created for abundance

Recognising abundance in everything beautiful

Celebrating abundant life by marking birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas

Giving gifts to one another as symbols of abundance

Telling stories of treasure to remember and teach the clues that enable us to discover abundance for ourselves, to receive - use - share - its transforming power, and to pass that challenge, and that chance, to others.

We are created for abundance

God’s dream of abundant life for all

Has to be made specific, concrete and personal

For the individual, and for the community

Journey towards personal realisation and fulfilment

Journey towards corporate justice and peace

We are created for abundance

So God has given us the means to create it

Process and power, process that releases power

Eucharistic process

This power is the spiritual dynamic Jesus learned, used and taught his disciples,

Telling them “Do this in remembrance of me”

Founding a school of faith so that through absorbing his teaching, following his example, and practising the work for themselves, his community would multiply, grow, and be able to withstand any adversity.

We are created for abundance

Abundance is for all

The vision of abundant life has to be inclusive, or it will fail

Or worse, turn in upon itself and become a process of destruction

Leave no one behind

All need it

All can receive it

All can know it is for them

All can learn how to receive it to the full

The vision of abundant life has to begin, not with the strong, but with the weak

Because if the weak are empowered, then the strong will receive the overflow

God’s preference for the poor

The Beatitudes

Renewal (of the Church) begins with the impoverished

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