More Questions Than Answers

We can live without it making sense.

Not happily.

We can live without happiness.

Not kindly, not wisely, not well.

Some unhappy people are very creative.

But only in fragments. Only in the creativity they are able to project outside themselves into objects - books, pictures, statues - perhaps. Not in the creativity they apply to themselves, or put directly into other people.

What do you mean?

Like in their relationships. Believe me, some of them are not nice to know.

But isn’t that true of people in general, not just of artists?

Of course, the point is that few of us have the gift of engendering wholeness in others. Enabling others to make a work of art of themselves. That is a rare gift - to kindle in others the vision of a life that is more complete and fulfilled, and to demonstrate how such a life is given, discovered and achieved. They not only live life to the full themselves, but give life to others.

I agree. Such people are saints.

Yes, but why are they special? Not because they are devout, or even religious, but because they are human in a way that is unique, humble, humane and whole.

And they are only like this because they have faith?

Because they are people of faith, yes.

How then, do you define faith?

Definition of faith as acting as if…..

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