A New Story About Ourselves (2)

Brian McLaren: The story we find ourselves in.





  • God is telling us a new story about ourselves
  • The story that tells us how we are called to abundant life
  • Jesus as our Companion on the way, who strengthens our backbone and makes our hearts burn within us as he tells us a new story about ourselves
  • Who we are, what we are worth, where we have come from, where we are going, what we are capable of becoming, what God is able to achieve through us
  • Hearing the story once may inspire us
  • But if we are to change, and to continue changing, until the story is realised in our lives then we will have to hear it and internalise it
  • “Stay with the story” - inhabit it until it dwells within us
  • Engage with it and enter into it, explore it and re-express it, again and again and again
  • Means of doing this: dramatised readings, participative readings, drama, symbolic action, re-enactment, movement, dance, discussion, role play
  • So that we read it, not for information, facts, data
  • So as to construct something permanent, fixed, impressive, that will “give glory to God”
  • But for resonance, so that the dynamics within the story are reproduced within our own circumstances
  • The story lives again in us, and we live out the story
  • The Eucharistic process is this new story in action, applied to our context, the circumstances of our everyday lives.
  • Applied to the problems that are personal to us
  • The Eucharist itself is a corporate re-telling, the symbolic living out of, this story within the worship and social life of the community
  • We are invited to act as if this story is true
  • To say “yes” to God’s vision of who we are
  • God says “yes” to us
  • And invites us to say “yes” to ourselves in return
  • The new story helps us to walk through our fears
  • The spider in the bath

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