A New Story About Ourselves (3)

God is Telling Us a New Story About Ourselves: Learning to live at the centre of our own story.

  1. The old story no longer helped ( Isaiah 24.14-23)
  1. Therefore people needed a new story (Isaiah 40.1-11)
  1. There was often grief mixed with the joy (Ezra 3.12-13).
  1. There is a process of emotional healing, where we know griefs to exist.

The grief or hurt needs to be

  • explored & expressed
  • then comfort & compensation given
  • then a new perspective gained
  • we can then move on to channel our concern into action for others
  • and to forgive ourselves (and others) as necessary

and to concern ourselves with other things…..

  1. Jesus believed that God, in abundant love, was telling human beings a new story about themselves (or telling the old story in a new way).  That we are God’s beloved, and that to God we are lovely and beloved. This was what Jesus believed about himself, that he had come from God and was going to God  (John 13.3).
  1. Jesus tells us a new story about ourselves. That we too have “come from God and are going to God.”
  1. How do we tell a new story about ourselves? Begin with an image. What is our favourite way of working creatively? Something we enjoy making? We are God’s “work in progress.” This image then provides a starting point for seeing ourselves as being part of a creative      process. Still being formed.
  1. Use the list of positive words to write affirmations. Who we are. Who we would like to be. Single affirmations are then strung together into a new, affirming story of our lives. Where we have come from. Where we are now. Where we are heading. How we are getting there.
  • We have come from God. We have been blessed by God with abundance in the past.
  • We are being held by God and resourced by God. We are blessed by God with abundance here and now.
  • We are going to God. God is inspiring us as we work towards our dream of abundance.          
  1. Remember this is a hidden work (see Matthew 6). We have to trust that it is going on. We invest in it and keep going, as an act of faith. Acting as if it is true.

Copyright Julie M. Hulme 2004.



Loving Ourselves We Learn to Love Others…..

When we believe in ourselves, we can believe in others.

When we believe in each other,

we can have hope for ourselves, each other and the world.

When we trust ourselves, we can trust others.

When we, together, live in trust,

we can trust that there is a good future for the world.

When we love ourselves, we can love others.

When we, together, live in love,

we can build networks of love throughout the world.

When we follow the light within us,

the light that holds us, the light that guides us,

we become light.

When we are light, we give light to others,

and see the light in them, too.

When we, together, live in light,

we can see, and live and share

the beauty that we find in the world.

Copyright Julie M. Hulme 2004


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