Prayers: Way of Discipleship

Loving God, you have given us life

in generosity and freedom:

We praise your holy Name.

Lord of glory, you lived and died,

giving yourself in body and mind,

soul and strength, for each one of us.

You were raised from death

that we might be saved from evil.

We praise your holy Name.

Holy Spirit, you are the power of love

that is stronger that death; of life

that is greater than we can imagine.

We praise your holy Name.

Eternal God, Father, Son and Spirit:

Lead us in the Way of Jesus,

the road of humble gratitude

and passionate offering

as we love you, love one another, love ourselves,

to the glory of your holy Name,

this day and forever.

Forgive us, O living God,

for our reluctance to trust

in your transfiguring love.

Cherish us with your mercy,

that we may venture further in faith

and grant that we may move beyond

our certainties into the unknown

and unlimited reaches

of your grace.

Creator God, we praise you

that in awesome power you made us

and with tender faith you care for us,

so that we need not be dismayed

by change or chance or wrong.

For you are the true and living God

You are our everlasting King.

Saviour Jesus, we praise you

that with constant grace you lived our life

and in utmost love you died our death,

so we might follow your Way and know

you have saved us from evil’s power.

For you are the true and living God

You are our everlasting King.

Holy Spirit, we praise you

that in constant kindness you bear us up,

and with radiant goodness you shine through us,

so that we can worship in spirit and truth

and spread the Good News with joy.

For you are the true and living God

You are our everlasting King.

Gracious God, Creator, Saviour, Spirit:

From your truth we receive wisdom in loving,

from your justice, the ability to tell right from wrong.

Help us walk your straight and steady road

out into the world, deeper into You.

For you are the true and living God

You are our everlasting King.

Pilgrim God, you call us to follow

your Son, Jesus Christ,

on the way of discipleship,

deeper into your love and truth.

Give us humility and courage.

May we recognise our condition

and our need of the limitless resources

you make available day by day.

Grant us resilience and show us

how you overcome evil in us,

in others and in the world.

Go in the grace of Christ who goes before you,

the mercy of the Father who waits to receive you,

and the company of the Spirit who enfolds and empowers you.

May the promise and peace of God be yours forever.

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