Telling the Story as Good News


Good News from the Wild

But how can any creative process get to grips with, engage with, address, deal with the depth and scale and seriousness of what we are facing? The healing story. Discovering my rhythm, to overcome depression. "Artists are healed by their art" Reveals and relieves the peculiar shape of our fear

Specifically, recognise the presence of the "Wild"   adversity, resistance, contradiction, conflict, persistent hostility

Good news from the wilderness.   Good news about how to travel through, engage with, deal with the wild. Jesus goes into the wilderness to test it. Other examples, e.g. Leprosy, Legion.   Jerusalem. Passion & Cross.

See ourselves acting, understand more of what is going on within us and around us, how we respond to the "Wild"

to help us turn destructive situations into situations where people find abundance (Grace in the Wilderness) to help us apply the Eucharistic dynamic always and everywhere integrating adversity as we go

See how the Wild is part of the environment in which we are called to be creative - which elements can be integrated and which not - and how we can penetrate the Wild, survive there, live there and from within it, manage its extremes, turn it around.

The biggest obstacle is our fear. Distracts us, delays us, dulls us, drugs us, damages us and makes us a danger to others. Magnifies every problem and makes every one who is not immediately, obviously on our side into an enemy.

Fear makes us impatient with the process of small steps - a big push, rush, complete

Fear makes us procrastinate, obsessing over nailing down every last detail when we should be going for the goal

Fear restricts our focus, undermines our generosity, makes us unable to integrate adversity

Fear makes what we achieve destructive, draining, damaging and less than abundant

Fear makes us tackle small problems when we should be tackling big ones.   It keeps us focused on shallow issues when we should be going to the core. It fools us into building when we need to strip something down to the foundations and start again. It keeps us behind the wall with friends when we should be going through the wall to engage with our enemies: loving them, listening to them, respecting them.

Fear is energy which we have not learned how to use constructively and creatively.   The more we face our fear and convert it into energy we can use, the more we collaborate with God's saving, healing grace, and the more we, those around us, and the processes of which we are part, are transformed.


How is Jesus good news for the person to whom I am speaking?

How can I convey what is special about Jesus - something of the Spirit - to someone else so that they can recognise that it is good news? Feel the benefit of it. Want more?

Are there elements which get in the way?

Or do I get in the way? Am I someone who spreads good news? Am I actually good news for that person?    


How are people to believe that Jesus is good news? How do they become convinced?

Telling them the story is not enough.

Jesus is Lord! So what?

What motivates them to believe?




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