Telling Our Story

Telling Our Story

Reminder: early interest in prayer – Dear Lord and Father of Mankind

Interest in Stories – as far back as I can remember.  


Times newspaper – the day of my birth. The stories behind the notices & news.   Stories as windows into other worlds. Stories help us understand and inhabit the different layers of truth in us, in other people, in our world. Different stories = different points of view.   Several different things can be true at the same time.

Listen with Mother: “Are you sitting comfortably?” permission to imagine an alternative to the world I am sitting in.

Famous Five – vivid scenes, symbols (treasure), taken into another world. A world adjacent to this one, where we are at the centre of our own story, able to make choices, make changes, take action to affect what happens to us, change it for the better, save others, save what matters most to us. Narnia. Harry Potter.


Pears Cyclopaedia: Wrote stories from an early age. Won prizes. “The Floating Bomb” (1969) “The World of the Seventies” Other competitions as a teenager.

Being silenced. Growing up. Stick to the facts. Prejudice against writing, writing as a woman. Seeking education in order to write. Few published. Story published by The Methodist Recorder, soon after joining them in 1979. Later, won a story competition a few years ago, “Flying Blind”.

Interest in stories. How they work. What they do. What we use them for. Who tells them and why.


Journal. Delving into my own story. What stories told about your birth? The phantom face. Family archive. Mum’s interest in family history. Recovering the story. “Who do you think you are?” pilot.

Am I living at the centre of my own story, or am I living out someone else’s story? Feeling powerless to determine my own fate. Or expecting others to take action to make my life better. Inhabiting the centre of our story. Becoming aware of what it is. Looking back in order to understand the choices we have made and what was influencing us at the time. Not selfishness or self-centredness, but living my story from the inside out.

Telling my story – interest in reminiscence. Not wanting the story to be lost. Passing it down the generations.   If we lose the story, we lose something precious. Connection between the different parts of ourselves, the generations. If we discover more about the story, we become more ourselves, more complete, even if the knowing is painful.


File of stories. Everyone has a story to tell. Your story is important. Sharing our story. Speaking it out. Being affirmed. Feeling that we matter. Strengthens us. Builds our confidence.

Meditation from “Making the Colours Sing” Once upon a time ....

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