The love of God –   vast as the universe:

Embracing all peoples,

enduring for all time.

The love of God –   deep as the ocean:

Understanding the sharpest sorrow,

Undertaking the greatest labour.

The love of God –   strong as the mountains:

Securing the promises of grace,

Saving all creation.

The love of God –   a hall of welcome:

Feeding those who are hungry,

Freeing those who are bound.

The love of God –   a well of living water:

Quiet for our souls’ peace,

Quenching our thirst forever.

The love of God –   revealed to us in Jesus Christ:

Keeping faith with humanity and the earth,

Gathering the cosmos into praise.    

From Psalm   36. 2003.


O God of eternity,

from your life you   have created us;

with your wealth   you have resourced us:

We exalt you, Lord of all,

we sing your praise.

O Word made flesh   in Jesus,

with love you have   inspired us;

in grace you have   redeemed us:

We exalt you, Lord of all,

we sing your praise.

O Spirit of   abundance,

with power you   have gifted us;

in hope you have   released us:

We exalt you, Lord of all,

we sing your praise.

O Father, Son and   Spirit,

in your house we   offer worship

as your children,   servants, friends:

We exalt you, Lord of all,

we sing your praise.



O God of abundant   life,

you have formed us   for joy, lavished your grace upon us,

made us heirs of   your promises:

We adore you.

Lord Jesus, friend   and Saviour,

you host the feast   to which all are invited;

you call us to the   table; you show us the way:

We honour you.

Living Spirit,   breath of God,

you are the gifts   we have been given;

the strength of   heart and hand and mind;

the love which is   for us, for our neighbours, for all people:

We give you thanks and praise.



Loving and   life-giving God,

you have given us   good news,

a glorious   inheritance,

abundance to   resource us,

a storehouse of   plenty for all.

We give you thanks and praise.

You provide the   best wine, the finest wheat,

sweet honey from   the rock;

food for our   nourishment and delight.

We give you thanks and praise.

With this wealth   of grace you raise us up,

calling us to   serve you by aligning ourselves

with your life   poured out into the world.

We give you thanks and praise.



Merciful God, you   receive us as we are,

though we do not   always listen, reflect, respond.

You appeal to   every part of us

and choose to   believe in who we can become;

though we do not   always co-operate

with your generous   purposes.

You offer to use   our talents, weaving our dreams into yours;

though we doubt   your love, resist your process

and limit your   work of grace to those who are like ourselves.

Merciful God, show   us how,

because you keep   faith with us,

we can keep faith   with ourselves,

with one another   and with you.

Hearing your call   to the feast,

your invitation to   be fully present,

we find ourselves   welcomed, valued,

empowered to   become creative too.


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