Let us turn to God   who loves us.

Who knows our need and loves us.

Who gives us rest   in green pastures.

Who leads us beside still waters.

Let us turn to God   who loves us.

Who knows our frailty and loves us.

Who renews our   souls within us.

Who leads us in paths of right.

Let us turn to God   who loves us.

Who knows our potential and loves us.

Who shares each   step of the journey.

Who prepares a feast in our honour.

Who welcomes us home forever.


Let us turn to God   who is with us.

Here in our   hearts. Here in our midst.

Here in our   attention and trust.

Here in our praise and prayer.  

From Psalm   23. 2009.


O King of love,

you call us, you   delight in us,

you long for more   of our company.

Open our eyes to your grace.

O King of love,

you are the Source   of our good,

caring for us in   matters large and small.

Open our hands to receive.

O King of love,

tender Guardian,

faithful   Companion, generous friend:

Open our hearts to give.

O King of love:

you love us, each   one; you love all;

watching over the   concerns we entrust to you.

We bring our plea   for family and friends,

our helplessness   at so much suffering in the world,

our anxiety for   the future of humanity.

Open our lives to the immensity of your love,

the potential of your life in us;

the honour of your trust in us.

Help us to trust in you.    



Loving God,

You are all   goodness. You call us to hope.

When we walk in   darkness, come to us as light.

When we live in   turmoil, come to us as peace.

Where we are few   and weary, come to us as strength.

When we feel   powerless, come to us as patience.

When we are assailed by anxiety, come to us as faith.

When we are worn   down and oppressed, come to us as joy.



O God of all   grace,

for the generosity   of your creation,

making each one of   us lovely in your sight,

we give you thanks   and praise.

For the yearning   of your mercy,

reaching out to   those who despise you,

we give you thanks   and praise.

For the joy of   your imagination,

setting no limits   to your compassion, faith and hope,

we give you thanks   and praise.

For the circle of   your vision,

forever widening   to embrace more, give more

and inspire a   deeper offering,

we give you thanks   and praise.  



I am the Lord, the   God of your forebears:

I am with you forever, wherever you go.

I am the Creator,   the God who made you:

I am giving you space to live, move and grow.

I am your Father,   the God who loves you:

I am calling many people to follow my Way.

I am your Life,   the God who provides for you:

I am preparing the bread you will eat, day by day.

I am your Source,   the God who inspires you:

I am spreading the word of new life far and wide.

I am your Hope,   the God who goes before you:

To the end of the road, I am here, by your side.


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