In the beginning –   God.

A circle   never-ending.

A source never   failing.

A King never   corrupted.

A cup always full.

O God of endless   love:

You have formed us   for joy,

lavished your grace upon us,

made us heirs of   your promises.

We adore you.

From the beginning   – God.

A circle never-ending.

A source never failing.

A King never corrupted.

A cup always full.



Creator God, you   long for us all to be full and fulfilled,

reservoirs of your   life-giving love,

given to giving,   peace, content and free.

We give you   thanks:

For the beauty of   the natural world;

For the joy of   loving others and being loved in return;

For every   experience of delight, each memory we treasure;

For the gifts we   receive through worship, reflection,

insight and   prayer;

For every form of   excellence;

all we can achieve   when we work together;

For every moment of hope won back from anxiety or heartache;

For each glimpse   of your peace, not only promised, but made real;

For every time we   have been glad to be alive.



Creator God, you   have given each one of us

an overflowing   measure of good things.

May we receive your gifts with gratitude

and enjoy them wisely and well;

You invite us to   become your partners

in generating   abundant life for all.

May we develop our abilities,

encourage others to use their gifts

and invest the talents you have given

for the common good,

this day and forever.



O God of infinite   grace:

Your life   overflows to fill the world with your wonders,

so that we can   enjoy so much that is good.

You feed us with the bread of life:

We give you thanks.

Your love   overflows to fill humanity with compassion,

so that we can   have faith in one another and in our future together.

You show us where we belong:

We give you thanks.

Your generosity   overflows to fill our hearts with joy

so that we can   live with gratitude and in gladness.

You give us a song to sing:

We give you thanks.

Your trust   overflows to fill our lives with potential

so that we can   hear other peoples’ aspirations and respect their dreams.

You call us to love and serve:

We give you thanks.

Your hope   overflows to fill your people with your Spirit,

so that we can   demonstrate your way to life.

Your Son has given his all for us:

We give you thanks.        



The God of grace   embrace you.

May peace flow   throughout the earth.

The God of love   encourage you.

May compassion   bring healing and hope.

The God of joy   keep faith with you.

May the fullness   of God fill the world.


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