O living God,

as you sustain us   with steadfast mercy,

so inspire in us   faith and hope and love,

that we may live   as disciples

of our Lord Jesus   Christ.

Like him,

may we see the   suffering of the oppressed

and hear the cry   of the poor,

not only with our   eyes and ears

but with an open   heart

and in the   offering of our lives.



God of the ages,

as we join the   great crowd of pilgrims

around Jesus and   his disciples,

open our ears to   the Good News in his vision

of a feast of good things,

prepared for all   people.

As, with Jesus, we   enter the city

where you long to   be known, adored, obeyed,

open our hearts to   the Good News in his faithful following

of your Way   through the Wild

to the land of   promise.

As we watch and   pray and keep faith

through the long   hours of waiting

to the hour when   all is lost and all hope ended,

open our minds to   the Good News in his Passion:

his dying to deal   with our evil,

his rising to deal   with our despair,

his going before   us into life

to intercede for   us and all the world,

this day and   forever.



Living God, loving   Creator,

through the   intercession of your Son,

our Saviour, Jesus   Christ,

your Holy Spirit   is poured out

upon your people   in every age and place.

Receive our   praise.

May we open our   hands to welcome you

deep in our   hearts, each one.

And as you move   amongst us as a people,

may we travel on   in mercy, service and faith,

always giving   glory to your Name.



God of all   creation,

Sovereign of the   universe,

Maker and Saviour   of all things,

we offer again   into your love

the world you have   entrusted

into our keeping.

We acknowledge   before you its pain.

Support and   encourage all those

who are giving   their lives

for its   re-creation.

O God of   life: Live   in us today

God of all   community,

Lamb of   sacrificial compassion,

Merciful Deliverer   of all people,

we offer again   into your love

our nation and our   local neighbourhood.

We acknowledge   before you

the wounds of our   society.

Support and   encourage all those

who dedicate   themselves

to serving the   common good.

O God of   life: Live   in us today

God of our hearts,

Companion, Lover   and Friend

for each one of   us,

we offer again   into your love

our own lives,

the resources you   have given us,

and our concern   for those around us.

We acknowledge   before you

our brokenness.

Support us and   encourage us

as we seek to   convey

your tender   strength, your inspiring mercy.

O God of   life: Live   in us today



O living God,

at this moment of   offering

we bring:

all that we have,

all that we are,

all that we would   be.

We place ourselves

in your keeping.

O Bread of Life,

at this moment of   feeding

we are open:

to all you are,

all you long to   give,

all you would do   amongst us,

We offer our empty   hands

and hungry hearts.

O God of creation,

in this this space   marked out

for your purposes,

we meet you:

glimpsing your   power and glory,

yearning to be   filled with your love,

wondering how we   dare

follow your way.

We trust you for   all

that is to come.


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