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Lynne Ling
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Miscellaneous Information:

IA logo 2I am delighted to be associated with this amazing website, the brainchild of Julie Hulme – meticulously planned and prepared in the two years leading up to her death in January 2014, but entrusted to others to develop and publish. It is the fruit of a lifetime of work as a writer and minister.

It is the express wish of her family that it become a living thing - not a dry archive of Julie's thinking and prayers, but something to be used and commented upon by others, and for that use and those comments to in turn have an impact.

We invite you, therefore, to explore the seven pathways of the journey, to reflect on the writings herein, and to feed your comments back to us - by use of the contact form, by email, telephone and social media.

It is a work in progress. Julie wrote in OneNote, which allowed her to categorise and structure her work well, but the conversion from this format to a web format has not been without some problems. We will gradually revisit the pages which have been uploaded and iron out any wrinkles. However, some of the pages were in note form, and we will in those cases leave the reader to work out their own expanded version. More remains to be added - please do register with the website to receive news of our progress from time to time.

Please enjoy your journey through this wealth of personal and theological reflection, and pass on the weblink to fellow-travellers who might find it meaningful.

Lynne Ling


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