Aspects of the Personal (1)

The Model of the Praying Personality:

The tools of a more holistic spirituality for holistic discipleship:

Body: senses, postures, walking, context, environment, landscape, labyrinth

Emotions: feelings, relationships, likes & dislikes

Mind – reason: analysis, questioning, thinking things through

Mind – memory: reflecting on our own experience, resonances of what we have learned

Mind – imagination: imagining scenarios, using symbols, playing

Will – making and keeping resolutions; committing ourselves to a particular course of action; keeping faith with God through staying faithful to a specific direction of travel

Spirit: being open to whatever God sends; being honest, paying attention, trusting; being will to go wherever God calls; being willing to go where we had not thought to go or would much rather not go.




layer of the praying personality

How we experience that aspect in our daily lives

I am fed or resourced or empowered or renewed by....

Any Biblical stories or references which might   relate to this....


Senses. The body.   Health and wellbeing.



Feelings,   emotions, relationships



Associations from   our own experience & cultural history



Investigation,   experiment, application of ideas



Art, drama,   symbols, story & song.



Purpose,   direction, determination, allegiance



The ground of our   being. Our centre. That part of   ourselves which is open to infinity, eternity


Copyright Julie M. Hulme 2010



senses,   sensuality, sexuality, gender, drink, food, warmth, clothing, shelter, sleep,   the drive to reproduce, our senses, sensuality, sexuality, our physical   health and wellbeing, our state of relaxation or tension, our postures, our   disabilities and abilities as physical beings, whether or not we are   comfortable in our skin, our physical shape and colour and all that is   associated with it, our physical “size” and whether we are comfortable with   that, our relationship with food, our age and ageing, our appearance, our   sense of personal space and preference for solitude or companionship, our   desire to act, work, create, produce


feelings,   self-awareness, belonging, relationships with ourselves, others, life, world,   God, comfortable with ourselves, able to live inside our own skin, reach out,   appropriate space and boundaries, marshall our energy for living relationships: the way we relate to   ourselves, to others, to God, to the world around us; our preferred emotions   and those we are wary of; our faith as confidence, our fear


rationality,   logic, thinking things through, intrigue, interest, knowledge, understanding   of world around us learning, study,   discussion, decision-making, choosing, debating, academic inquiry, science,   exploration, data-collection


memory, past,   tradition, where we have come from, healing hurts of past to ensure they do   not obscure attention to present or obstruct progress; access to formative   experiences to inform and focus present and future tradition; song, story, history, culture,   dance, drama, theatre, ritual, customs


imagination,   creativity, future; where we are heading   our desire to experiment, risk, try, play; the arts


direction,   purpose, determination, perseverance, resolve, allegiance, our deepest   principles, greatest goals, our “great desire”, our dream a will to live


mystery, the   numinous, our treasure, always more, potential of visions that inspire us to   high endeavour

suffusing all   these aspects of our being

- and, where it is   allowed to do so

- sifting them,   purifying them

and bringing them   into coherence, unity and alignment –

is that element we   define as our “spirit”

our energy, our   personal power, our vitality, our life

that mysterious   element which animates us

revived,   refreshed, refined and magnified by the Holy Spirit of God. 


The Praying Personality

holistic, affecting every aspect of the personality and the individual’s relationships with others


surfaces and depths

numerous aspects, layers or dimensions of the human personality

all related to one another

mysterious but to live effectively, must pay attention to each

learn how, when and where to deploy them

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