God is Other

Being utterly "Other", there is a wildness in God which we cannot tame, but which C S Lewis caught in his depiction of Aslan. God is the ground of our being, but that "ground" is a reality so complex and turbulent that it appears to us to be chaos. There is Good News in that God empowers us to bring order out of chaos and to work with the creative process, but we have to allow space for chaos rather than exclude it, otherwise chaos simply reasserts itself in a harmful manner. Our "direction of travel" is always towards an embracing of the "Other" – in ourselves, in people, in society, in faith, in life, in God. Only as we travel towards the "Other" can we discern what of the "Other" is corrupting and destructive and what is simply different, unsettling, unpleasant and perhaps difficult to understand. There is Good News in that, as Jesus has shown us, we can walk through the Wild and encounter the "Other" without being destroyed. So whatever we are required to face in life, death or eternity, we do not need to be afraid.

In social terms, from margins of society towards the centre of power where often challenging and disturbing. In terms of spirituality, the movement is from the centre of the person or the group towards the "other". Personal spiritual practices designed to enable a person to find their "centre", allow it to be opened, filled, enlarged, become a source of strength for themselves and a resource for working with others. Spirituality of a group similar. Find the centre, core values of that group, enable those to be expressed, affirmed, opened to grace, enlarged. process from the centre outwards, endlessly extending the inclusive circle.

Process which moves us towards the Other. In ourselves. In our group. In our neighbourhood. In the world. In life. In God. For Methodists – silence, solitude, loss, diminishment, suffering, death. Openness to the whole of the mystery, particularly that which we do not want to face. (May be abundance as much as loss)

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