God is Simple (3)

God is simple. So prayer is simple. (Psalm 131)

It is as simple as opening our hands to receive – or to give.
Getting to that simplicity can be complicated. The more we live in tumult, the more the "work" of prayer (99% of it) is getting there – to the point where we can open our hands and worship "in spirit and in truth".

It is we who are complicated
Aspects of the Praying Personality (Mark 12.28-34)
Body – senses, comfort, sensuality, sexuality, gender
"Heart" – emotions and relationships
Mind – reason
Mind – memory
Mind – imagination
Will – direction, purpose, resolve, allegiance, endurance
Spirit – that within us which connects us and opens us to the Spirit of God

Prayer and Methods of Praying (Mark 7.1-15)
The Spirit is a river that creates its own channel, but the channel also guides the river.
Like all our actions, methods of prayer can help us engage with the different aspects of ourselves so that all of those aspects are aligned God-ward. By this means God feeds us, fills us, brings us to fruitfulness and enables us to do what is required of us (Micah 6.8) namely to "do justice.. love kindness, and .. walk humbly with (our) God." The by-products of the Spirit's flow through us are coherence, replenishment, healing, peace, justice and renewal – for ourselves and for others.

Prayer is a "whole personality" experience in which we are brought into a deeper relationship of creative love with ourselves, with others and with God.

Receiving.... (John 1.12-13; Mark 10.13-16)
God loves us as children, but the blessing – the power of living as children of God – comes from understanding that we are loved, that we are loved and how we are loved. God loves me. God loves me. God loves me. We may need to learn what it means to be received, and how we can allow ourselves to be received. We may need to practice receiving the "child" within us and reinforcing the story that God tells us about ourselves. God is the "I AM" who enables us to say "I am..." in a positive way (Exodus 3.1-15).

I am born of God, beloved by God.
God looks upon me only with love.

Giving..... (Mark 12.41-44)
Giving well means learning how to trust. We surrender (hand ourselves, others, issues, situations over) to God as we remember and learn to trust the One to whom we give them. We hand things over to God who loves us, then act as if God is handling the situation.

Loving God, I am handing (this/everything/xxxxx) over to you.
(This/Everything/xxxxx) is now in your hands.
All shall be well and all manner of things shall be well.

Copyright Julie M. Hulme October 2010.

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