God is the Source of Life (2)

Called into Life
Basic structure/ Additional thoughts

God calls - source, origin, resource, re-source - the loving voice describes a vision, holds out a promise, reiterates, reinforces and fulfils the promise. Keeps faith with us.

We are called - from, out of, temporarily, permanently, towards, together with others
Need to be open to change

Into - an engagement with the boundary, the limit, constraints, honesty, through, accessing the resource, process,
An engagement with the neighbour, stranger, enemy, Other
within ourselves, with others
A conversation, dialogue, mutual exchange, sharing.

To the Journey - progression, movement, road, development, learning, maturing, growth, fulfilment, self-realisation, enlightenment, fruition
Travelling through change - baptism is the journey we make from the promise of the feast to its realisation.

Life - a life that is abundant, beyond our imagination
Abundant life for all

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