God's Self-Disclosure (2)

Outside Inside

  • Ÿ God of creation, King & Lord,
  • Ÿ Works from the outside in
  • Ÿ Objective and impartial
  • Ÿ Makes the rain fall on good and bad alike
  • Ÿ Large scale events and trends
  • Ÿ Vast, complex, fluid, volatile systems
  • Ÿ Weather, traffic, disease, the economy
  • Ÿ Operating simultaneously
  • Ÿ Mystery - fearsome because it is impersonal and random
  • Ÿ God the Son, born of tradition and Spirit
  • Ÿ Inhabiting the sphere where order & chaos meet
  • Ÿ Expresses and explores our response to everything without and within
  • Ÿ Enables & models a creative response for us, with us, in our context
  • Ÿ Awe, wonder, fear, loneliness
  • Ÿ Our attitude: receptivity/openness/honesty
  • Ÿ Our attitude: trust/faith/a conscious & creative response to the present moment
  • Ÿ Fatalism wrong
  • Ÿ Unconsciousness, unawareness, sleep wrong (Michel Quoist)
  • Ÿ Scope for purposeful action limited but important
  • Ÿ Cumulative change through faithful persistence
  • Ÿ Small actions, big difference
  • Ÿ Learn to see the King as Father
  • Ÿ Learn to love ourselves & befriend our desires
  • Ÿ God the Spirit,
  • Ÿ Works from the inside out
  • Ÿ Draws from within,
  • Ÿ Subjective, personal, individual, intimate
  • Ÿ Directive, purposeful, providing small scale choice
  • Ÿ Potentially coherent and integrating
  • Ÿ Personal health, well being, world view, relationships with others
  • Ÿ The responses we evoke in others
  • Ÿ Place in the community
  • Ÿ Relationship with environment
  • Ÿ Mystery - fearsome because too personal

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