Advent is space;
a quiet corner in which to find
the centre of myself,
and know myself beloved.

Advent is silence;
the pause in which I listen
to the sound of water rising,
not as a vengeful flood,
but as the inner well of light
and life and joy and hope.

Advent is a stillness
brimming with good things,
the fountain dancing in a courtyard,
a source that is always full,
forever springing,
alive because our Father comes to us
in Jesus.

Advent is a peace
which flows from inside out,
relaxing my body, calming my heart,
inspiring my mind, directing my soul,
strengthening my spirit.

Advent is peace which fills me
and fulfils me, bringing all things within
to fullness and fruit.

Advent is God's gift of Love:
a love that will not let me drift into harm
nor leave me to despair.

Love comes to bridge the gap,
to sit with me,
to find the way to peace with me.

Love comes to show me Love,
and demonstrate what may be done
to make Love real
right here.

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