Images of Prayer

Images of Prayer

Week 1: Adoration: The Vision of Abundant Life

God is the source of abundant life and love, and is a fountain of grace that we carry within us. Jesus came to reveal this abundance to us, and to enable us to receive it through the work of the Holy Spirit within us. Our praying begins in God who loves us. The vision of abundance recurs in many forms throughout Scripture, and is the beginning of renewal. Adoration is any prayer in which we remind ourselves of the abundance of God's goodness, and by imagining the immensity, diversity and constancy of God's grace, we begin to receive some of its strength.

Sunday August 19 Psalm 36.5-9 God's wonderful life and love

Monday August 20 John 1.1-18 Christ reveals the glory of God's abundant life, light and love

Tuesday August 21 1 John 4.7-19 Abide in the Spirit of abundant love

Wednesday August 22 Philippians 4.4-9 Rejoice in God's abundant goodness and receive peace

Thursday August 23 Matthew 6.19-24 This vision is our treasure

Friday August 24 Psalm 1 Renewed as we reflect on the abundance of God's word

Saturday August 25 John 4.7-14 Living water within us

Week 2: Confession: Arriving As We Are

God has faith in us, despite our failings, and enables us to have faith in others. As we return to the Source of our life, we become aware of our true identity, and see ourselves as we truly are. Gratefully, we acknowledge God's amazing grace. In honesty and trust, we face the reality of our hidden, inner lives, and admit our need of forgiveness and renewal. Seeing how much we are loved and trusted, even though we fall short of God's love, we are transformed from the inside out. With a fresh understanding and greater wisdom, we can see more clearly how to guide and liberate others.

Sunday August 26 Psalm 95 Return, humbly, to rest in God

Monday August 27 1 John 1.5-10 Seeing ourselves in God's light

Tuesday August 28 Romans 3.21-26 All have fallen short of God's glory

Wednesday August 29 Matthew 6.1-6 Facing the truth of our inner life

Thursday August 30 Psalm 51 Renewed from the inside out

Friday August 31 Galatians 5.13-25 Set free to live by the Spirit of abundant life

Saturday September 1 Matthew 18.21-35 Free to forgive

Week 3: Thanksgiving: Gratitude and Celebration

God is generous and loves to give us an abundance of good things. He provides for us, heals us and acts for us, asking only that we receive and enjoy what is given. In practice, we struggle to accept anything from God until we have learned to accept ourselves; and we have a problem enjoying anything we have not earned. Consequently, saying "thank you" is not as simple as it sounds. So often our gratitude is limited by our reluctance to let ourselves pay attention to good things, or marred by our fear that we do not deserve such plenty.

Sunday September 2 Psalm 8 The gift of creative power

Monday September 3 Lamentations 3.16-24 The gift of hope

Tuesday September 4 Psalm 90 The gift of time

Wednesday September 5 Psalm 4 The gift of sleep

Thursday September 6 Psalm 63 The gift of renewal

Friday September 7 Psalm 34 The gift of confidence

Saturday September 8 Psalm 24 The gift of praise

Week 4: Petition: Anything We Ask

God is generous and loves to give us an abundance of good things. He provides for us, heals us and acts for us, asking only that we receive and enjoy what is given. In practice, we struggle to ask for what we need, or we ask for the wrong things, or we ask at the wrong time, because we have not yet learned how to pay attention to what we have already received. It is as we learn how to show our gratitude by paying attention to, and celebrating, what we already hold, and what we have already received or experienced, that we discover God giving us more and more in answer to our prayers.

Sunday September 9 Psalm 139 God sees us as we are

Monday September 10 Matthew 6.7-18 God knows our need

Tuesday September 11 Psalm 10 God hears our prayer

Wednesday September 12 Psalm 65 God answers with deliverance

Thursday September 13 2 Corinthians 12.1-10 God's grace is sufficient

Friday September 14 Matthew 7.7-11 Ask and it will be given

Saturday September 15 John 16.21-24 Ask and you will receive

Week 5: Intercession: Letting Go of Fear

God is at work throughout creation, holding all that would otherwise be lost. God's strength is our security, the sure foundation on which we stand, the common ground on which we build a community of justice and peace for all. Consequently, the task of intercession is to learn how to trust what God is doing in the world. The hardest part of praying for others is learning to let go of our fear for them. However, the more fully we let them go into the love of God, trusting in God's love for them, the more God is free to work in their situation.

Sunday September 16 Psalm 93 God's strength sustains creation

Monday September 17 Matthew 7.21-29 Build on God's strength

Tuesday September 18 Matthew 6.25-34 Let go of fear. Trust God.

Wednesday September 19 Psalms 127, 128 Trust God with your family

Thursday September 20 2 Timothy 1.1-14 Trust God for one another

Friday September 21 Revelation 22.1-5 Trust God for the nations

Saturday September 22 Colossians 1.9-20 Trust God for the cosmos

Week 6: Transformation

God loves us and wants us all to enjoy abundant life. So in a world that is marred by human fallibility and frailty, God is working for change. Following Jesus, and guided by the Spirit, we become part of God's movement of transformation. Prayer changes us, so that we are centred in God's purposes; encouraged, equipped and empowered by God's light and love. As we pray, we are drawn into the life of God, present in the world, healing the world, renewing the world.

Sunday September 23 Isaiah 40.25-31 From weakness to strength

Monday September 24 Isaiah 41.17-20 From desert to oasis

Tuesday September 25 Isaiah 49.14-23 From desolation to restoration

Wednesday September 26 Matthew 14.22-33 From conflict to quiet

Thursday September 27 Mark 4.35-41 From danger to destination

Friday September 28 Matthew 15.32-38 From hunger to feast

Saturday September 29 John 14.25-31 From fear to hope

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