Prayer Along the Way

Not patterns or types of prayer but Honesty, Attention, Trust.

During my time as a reporter for "The Methodist Recorder" in the early 1980s, I remember my colleague, Avril Bottoms, returning from an event headlined by a prominent Christian speaker. As she sat down at her desk, I asked if she had been impressed. Her response was a shrug and the comment, "Well, if you've nothing to say, you just shout louder, don't you?"

If we allowed the scale and magnificence of this claim to give us pause, we would open up a space for stillness, quiet, reflection, reverence. There would be time for the scattered fragments of our thoughts to settle into a humble unknowing. We would make room for a loving encounter with all that we do not yet know, and all that we fear. We would create a space in which the Holy Other could come to us, opening our eyes to see and our ears to hear. We might then learn what it means to trust, to believe, to have faith and to keep faith.

We might then allow ourselves to be taken deep. The gulf between the heights and depths of human experience is the place where the Church needs to be

We would say less and do less

Speech and action at depth.

Moses - you have only to be still

Year of prayer - organisational challenge rather than as an inspiration or invitation.

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