Prayer Begins in God

The Leading Edge of Light
A Year Exploring Prayer

Prayer begins in God (5-10 sections)
Practical Point: Relaxing in the arms of one who loves you

Psalm 36.5-9 The immensity of God's love
John 1.1-18 God as source of light and life through Christ
John 13 - We have come from God and we are going to God
God as source of our life
Psalm 1 - By streams of living water
John 4. Living Water within
John 7/crucifixion - streams of living water
Ezekiel and Revelation - reaching out to all, healing etc.
Adoration (5-10 sections)
Practical Point: Filling our Vision with the Abundance of God's love for us. God's name as the receptacle of God's abundance. The fullness of God resides in God's name. Jerusalem as the dwelling place of the name.
Putting our treasure at the centre of our lives
Living from that centre, pursuing our dream

Genesis - visions of God's abundance
David and the Ark - treasure at the centre
Isaiah 40-55 - abundance, calling, direction, way, provision, destination/goal/dream/home
Matthew 6 - treasure and heart

Confession (5-10 sections)
God finds us where we hide, to receive us, feed us, redirect us
Genesis 3 -
2 Samuel - Self recognition - mirror in James and 1 Corinthians 13 Matthew 7 (judgement and discernment)
Psalm 91 - an inward, downward way (baptism)
Job/ Psalm 95 - a form of digging
Philippians 2 - emptied himself of all but love
Isaiah 42 - gentleness of God
John 13 - servant king - Psalm 123
1 Kings 19 -
Psalm 137 -
Mark - Jesus receiving the children
Psalm 131

Thanksgiving (5-10 sections)
Celebrating in abundance and scarcity
Harvest prayer - Exodus? Deuteronomy?
Paul's epistles - celebrating the abundance given to the church
Philippians - joy in the face of death
Enough for me passages
The grace of God is enough, here in the present moment, to make a beginning, or to take the next step
Contentment - 1 Timothy?

Petition (5-10 sections)
God loves us - ground of all our being - the place where we stand, and from which we pray - receive the concern, reflect upon it, make our petition for ourselves and others - a specific request, rather than generalised intercession. Hit the rock, the will, allegiance. Backs to the wall, thus far and no further, I can do no other. Fundamentals. Basic principles. As dear to us, or dearer to us than life itself.
Exodus - I am - backbone passages
Psalm 23 - rod and staff
Matthew 7-8 - foundation
The door and the bridge - the Good shepherd/chief who lays down his life for the sheep
Anything you ask passages from John/know what I am about
The whole armour of God - so as to stand - not necessarily be noticed

Healing (5-10 sections)
Genesis 1 - a living being - replenishment of Spirit - intimacy with God - faith, not fear
Genesis 2 - one flesh - re-ordering of relationships, restoration of intimacy, appropriate boundaries etc. correction of abuses of power, violence, lack of education etc. restoring the pre-Fall condition of women as co-creators and partners with men
Genesis 4 - healing between generations (see also Luke and those teeth set on edge passages)
Genesis 8 - Babel - healing between communities
Luke 10 - Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul, strength
Luke 10 - Love your neighbour
Luke 10 - as yourself - Martha and Mary
Luke 11 - power and persistence in prayer
Healing of specific ailments and ills

Intercession (5-10 sections)
Trust and transforming power, doing battle with our fear and powerlessness
Exodus 14.14 God acts on our behalf
Psalm 10
Psalm 126
Jonah - the monster in the deep
Job - the monster
Jesus stilling the storm
Jesus raising Lazarus

Dedication (5-10 sections)
Surrender our concerns and our fear
The blank cheque. The complete offering.
Christ on the Jerusalem road.

Do not be afraid passages
Isaiah 43

Communion (7 sections)
Feeding of the 4,000 in Mark and Matthew
Feeding of the 5,000 in Matthew, Mark and Luke
Feeding of the 5,000 (John's version)
1 Corinthians 11
The Last Supper in Matthew, Mark and Luke
Emmaus road
John's supper

Blessing (3 sections)
Grace, mercy and peace from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ
Breathing the Spirit onto others
Offering strength, abundance, encouragement to others

The Leading Edge of Light (5-10 sections)
Silence in heaven/entering the rest of God

Genesis 1-2
Psalm 127
Matthew 6 - the inner room, secret life
Christ's secret spirituality - The life held secret with Christ
1 Corinthians 13.8 - Love never ends
Hebrews 4.4-11
Revelation - silence in heaven

Do I have the faith to see this through?

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