Prayer Without Ceasing

If we offer more of ourselves in prayer, God will honour our investment and our intent. But this may not lead to revival and reclaiming the land. On the contrary, it may be that God is creating an "invisible monastery" of people wholly dedicated to the journey of prayer, whose only contribution to the future of the Church is their silence and their willingness to go where God leads them. All the way. With no questions answered and no end result in sight. A new contemplative focus.

But in the meantime, it is certain that to make any progress in prayer, we also need to focus on building up our people in faith - not in theology alone, but also in terms of building up peoples' confidence in themselves. This is the quickest, surest way to bring fresh resources into the local church. It is also the way to enable congregations to become more flexible, adventurous and mission-centred. How to enable people to become enablers. Enthusiasm is no substitute for faith.

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