Praying With All We Are

Prayers. Recognition that God is the source of life, to which we return, from whom we receive all things, to whom we want to stay connected, so that we can live and grow and flourish and be creative in our turn. So that we can together generate abundant life. A beacon of hope in the world. A feast to be shared. A love available to all.

Adoration: all this in greater detail. The source of all manner of life. The life of the world - nature and provision, sustaining and renewal. The life of its peoples - culture and creativity, prosperity and peace, diversity and the ability to work together. The life of body (health, athletics and beauty, dance), heart (reading and writing, acting and drama), imagination (stories, songs), reason (books, discussion, debate, decision), memory (history, biography, archive, memorials), will (purpose, direction, resolution), spirit(inspiration, goal, God). The life we have known - our story, entwined with the stories of others, the places we have seen, the people we have known. The life within each of us, the part we have played, the things we have done, the life we have offered and offer again back to you.

Confession: all that has gone awry, that we cannot help, that has been snuffed out, that cannot be undone, that needs to be redeemed. We depend on God utterly for this. We receive God's grace with gratitude.

Absolution: God renews the life from the ground, the air we breathe, the resources in our hands, the love in our hearts, the hope for tomorrow.

Thanksgiving: for a new beginning, for life for today, for the promise of life tomorrow, for people to work with, for connections with others, for your sheltering love, for your presence with us on the road.

Intercession: repeat the elements of adoration, but with an intercessory twist. O God of life, we trust you: renew and strengthen the life of the world/ the life of the nations/ the health and beauty of our country/ the life of the heart etc./ the life we have received from others/ our resolve to serve you/ our desire to praise you for ever.

Dedication: use similar phrases to the prayer of thanksgiving, but with a dedicatory twist.

Blessing: rework call to worship.

Search readings for phrases that can be used. You have the words of eternal life.

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