God Gives Abundance


Imagining Abundance

Abundance is the gift of God. The gift of God is abundant life, love and grace
The source of abundance is God who is eternal and infinite
God is the source of all energy, creativity, compassion and grace
Begin with God, in order to "play the notes in the right order" (Morecambe and Wise)
God of abundance

Expressing the Godself holistically as Image and Word
The imagined word, the described image, the evoked image, the envisioned word
Image and word Resourcing us, investing in us
So that we too might be creative
so that we can generate abundant life
We receive abundant life by allowing God to enable, equip and empower us
God has made us in his image, investing in us the divine ability to imagine abundance, celebrate it, act as if it is true, and journey towards it together
Generating abundance
Through imagining abundance, describing abundance
So that we can share abundant life
By enabling, equipping and empowering others.

There are three facets to the process:
The vision of abundant life for all
The present moment
Eucharistic process
These three work together - all three are necessary for continuing abundance

Before this can be realised, it must first be envisaged, imagined
The first step to creating abundant life is to imagine abundance
Use images, stories, scripture
And pay attention to dynamics, order, process and flow

Abundance is that wealth which is created as we love God with our whole selves

Gifts are symbols of abundance (in general)
We give and receive gifts (as ways of celebrating someone, honouring someone, encouraging/strengthening someone, or stimulating healing in someone) because they convey the benefit of abundant life
Gifts generate gratitude, enjoyment, joy, surprise, pleasure, affirmation, sense of well-being, sense of wealth
Gifts help us to imagine abundance for ourselves
And that imagining makes us feel good about ourselves
Cherished, valued, worthy
Put us in touch with our child-like, playful, creative
The best gifts:
1. Express our most important relationships
2. Reflect our age, personality, interests, tastes, preferences, style, character
3. Are related to our needs: starting where we are now, provisioning us and resourcing us to take a step forward
4. Symbolise our dreams, treasure, heart's desire
The best gifts are something we like, want, need (or would find useful), have always dreamed of doing/having, help us become the person we have always wanted to be
The best gifts help us "dream a dream" for ourselves, something that is personal to us, and empowers/equips/enables us to claim that dream, and realise it
A gift given to another symbolises "My dream of abundant life for you." My vision of what life could be for you.
Gifts resource us.
Demonstrate that resources are immediately available
To build us up
And for sharing
Gifts enlarge our scope, enhance our abilities, capacity, motivation
Gifts equip, energise, empower
Release potential
The gift can release energy, confidence, compassion and ideas
But needs direction so as to channel these things into realising the dream
The Gift is God's loving abundance, God's abundant love
Bigger on the inside than on the outside
A potential beyond space and time
Touches eternity and immortality
Deals with fear and death, and our fear of death, loss and the destruction of all that is dear to us
In so doing, also addresses the false forms of life that are attractive, but inadequate and ultimately destructive
God gives gifts to help us grow
Gifts are symbols of the abundant life and love which enables us to grow
And into which we grow
If we are able to receive the gift, then it affirms, stimulates, renews and heals us
It also resources, energises us, giving us enthusiasm and commitment
All this generates abundance
But it also calls for our response
Our own investment, an investment of ourselves,
A continued re-investment of ourselves
In companionship, engagement, and occasionally sacrifice
The gift is a story that may seem foolish to us
Even more so, as we are challenged to act as if it is true
And worse, as we build our lives upon it
Yet if we do so, as we do so, it feeds us, today and forever
However, the Gift also awakens our fear
Often concealed under other things
Always works to diminish us
"I can't handle this"
This fear is energy that needs to be converted
Need a strategy for converting fear to faith, hope and love
So that our fear is turned into further resources to realise the dream

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