God Gives Beauty

Trip to Canada:
God gives us beauty to show us what God is like. God is abundant life. Key fact that it is abundant. Vast. More. Not only big, but deep, profound, wise, mysterious. And divers, varied, many-coloured, like a rainbow. Love is a many-splendoured thing. Life exists in so many varieties.

What makes this abundance wonderful is that it is personal. God relates personally to each one of us. Makes all this wonder personal to us. Gives it to us in a way we can see, a form we can recognise, use. God's wonderful, beautiful abundance is made personal, practical, material, real. For us.

For our good. Its purpose is our good. Not judgement. Not to make us feel bad, unworthy, awful, miserable. But merciful. Gentle and attentive. Powerful. Just and true. Healing. Loving. Faithful. To build us up. To strengthen us to face life, with all its many challenges. To face ourselves, even though we are fragile, make mistakes, get things wrong, make a mess of life sometimes. God gives us the strength to pick ourselves up and carry on.

God says: My love for you is beyond anything you can imagine. It will always be enough. "Enough for all, enough for each/Enough for evermore."

God gives us beauty to show us the life God wants us to have. To experience. To enjoy. Jesus: "I came that they might have life, and have it abundantly" (John 10.10). Beauty has that effect on us, it fills us, strengthens us, makes us feel that life is worth living, helps us to feel that we can live life to the full. It helps us to receive life as it is, and accept everything that it is, the sorrow as well as the joy, the pain as well as the gift.

Beauty shows us where God is giving us the good things we need to keep us going.

Where there is great beauty, there is also great peace. Like an orchestra, playing wonderful music, excellently, all in tune together. This is how God gives us peace, through beauty. And we make peace by means of beautiful things. (Daniel Barenboim) (Psalm 150).

God gives us beauty to fill us up and feed us, to strengthen us.
Invites us to store it in our memories.
Revisit it and refresh our memories by sharing stories,
by singing songs,
by looking at pictures (with our eyes and in our minds),
by reminding ourselves of what it is like,
and reliving it.

This is how we find happiness. Not in accumulating more possessions, but in appreciating the things we have. The good things. The beautiful things.

Paul's attitude (Philippians 4.4-9)

Many of most precious things are not material things at all. (Time with Cate and Debbie).

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