God is Committed to Us

Steadfast love - covenant relationships

His words and actions that night were full of self-giving love: such that they came to symbolise his love for all people, at all times, and in all places.

A is an attitude of faithful care for another rooted in our profound commitment to them.

Combination of gentleness and unlimited commitment which gives this relationship its capacity to enlarge potential and bring about radical change.
In a covenant relationship, we are dedicated to the benefit of the other. The combination of gentleness, buoyancy and unlimited commitment enlarges each partner's potential and enables the relationship to be life-giving.

Pursuit of a common goal. (abundant life)
enables them, working together, to bring about radical change.

If such a bond becomes reduced to an outward observance, to behaviour enforced by fear or the desire to keep up appearances, it has been broken, and we no longer enjoy its blessings. But while

In God's steadfast love for us, we see how such relationships work.

Strength of God - not in a power and might which overwhelms us, but in the abundance of God's generosity, the resilience and creativity of God's ability to give us life, and the steadfastness of God's loving commitment to us - as individuals, and as communities.

God's ultimate intention is that this bond should become unbreakable: that we should be so formed by God's instruction that breaking away becomes unthinkable. Belonging to God, we can know God's ways as intimately as we know ourselves. Knowing God, loving God, faithful to God, we reflect God's holiness, and receive God's peace. And because we have this deep inner security, we love others as God loves us.

, that together we might find a greater fulfilment and fruitfulness.

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