Returning to the Source

Setting Out: Going back to the Source

Returning to the point of origin is not only a means of discovering a new understanding, a different, wiser, more complete perspective (Where I have come from). It is also a way of gathering allies, and receiving resources to work with on the next phase of the journey. It is a way of re-orienting ourselves, especially when we are unsure of our direction, or when we sense that we have gone astray. It is a way of identifying our wounds, protecting them, and beginning to address them. It is a way of finding a safe place in a threatening landscape. (foetal position) of returning to a place where we felt unconditionally loved. It is a way of arming ourselves for the conflict to come, and building our courage for the fight.

Five: Understanding the Ways of the Spirit

Seek, set your mind on things above
Your promise is a wealth of grace, an abundance of beauty and joy, an unlimited grace.
An eternal life, hidden with Christ in God
A glorious life, which will one day be revealed.

Imagining this helps us to leave behind the things that fall short of the glory of God
Imagining this helps us keep other things in proportion.
Imagining this helps us to obey you, accept the discipline of grace, even when that is hard, even when we do not understand it.
Imagining this helps us to remain loyal to your values and purposes, which so often run counter to the values and purposes of the world.
Imagining this reminds us of who we are, your children, the beloved of God, a people of truth, made in your image, who can be honest with each other, who can live without masks or pretences, because by being honest, by being ourselves, we reaffirm and reinforce your image in ourselves and in each other, and in all we meet.

So let us come before God, as before a beloved friend, confessing our sins...

Let us come before God with confidence.
We are the children of God.
We know we fall short, but God is raising us up.
We know we are fallible, but God is recreating us.
We know we are weak, but God is strengthening us.
We know we make mistakes, but we are learning from them.
We know we are frail, but we lean on Christ, who calls us to the journey,
And who is himself the staff that keeps our feet steady upon the road.

Christ calls us to the journey of faith and hope and love, the journey of prayer, the journey of life. When we are fearful, Christ will give us courage. And show us how to live from love, and not from fear, to become one with each other and with God our Father, so that Christ is all and in all, this day and forever.

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