Root from Which we Grow (2)

Rooted and Yet Moving On:
Reflection and prayers arising from narratives of resurrection and rebirth that show how the journey is never ending.

The One who is always there. Founded on the rock. Rooted and yet moving on. I've been here before, I'll be here again. A capacity for joy. That I am part of their joy. Always choosing God, always choosing Life, always choosing Love.

Always beginning again - moving on.

In John's description of Jesus's last hours with his disciples, he writes that Jesus knew "that he had come from God and he was going to God."[1] Being called can indeed give us this sense that the apparently random and piece-meal trivia of our daily existence is embraced by a greater pattern.
Knowing where we have come from gives us roots, a connectedness to the past, a keener understanding of who we are, and why we are as we are, and all these things can help us remain steady and stable in a present day when everything around us is on the move. Like the well-rooted tree, we can withstand the vagaries of the weather, grow tall, bear fruit.
Knowing where we are going helps us by providing a focus to our activities in the here and now. Instead of drifting through the day, avoiding anything unpleasant or difficult and being distracted by anything that catches our eye, we are able to deploy our resources of time, energy, effort and skill in those activities which will serve us best by giving us the return we long for most.
In this way, knowing where we have come from, and where we are going, not only makes sense of all the little bits in between, but also turns our work into an investment. Nothing is a waste of time, because we understand that even our day-dreaming is necessary to our overall creativity. No one is a waste of space, because we know how to ensure that everyone feels loved and able to make their contribution.
At the moment when John shows us Jesus beginning his Passion journey, this phrase gives us a clue as to how it was that Jesus was able to bear what he had to go through.

This is what it means to be a saint, someone who allows the light of God to shine through them, whether or not they are aware of it. This is both our privilege and our responsibility. And we share our identity and our mission with others, the companions who travel the road with us, chief of whom is Jesus himself. God is our common ground, building us as a community of justice, teaching us to be bearers of peace. We belong to a great host of God's people on earth and in heaven.

[1] John 13.3

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