Abundant Life for All (2)

A New Story

Renewed by the vision of abundance. See the vision, imagine it, play with it, make it as real as possible. Then organise ourselves to make the journey from where we are to where we long to be.

The Eucharist not only a vision of abundance - the feast to which we are all invited - but the symbol or reminder of an attitude that Jesus brought to everything and everyone. And the process he used to generate abundance everywhere he went.

- receive what was available (even when it was not enough)

- give thanks for/celebrate what was available (even when it was not enough)

- act as if it was enough/an abundance

- refresh the vision, repeat the process, reinvest the proceeds until an abundance is generated

At all points the Gospel of abundance is resisted by our fear. Presenting the Gospel of abundance is easy. What is hard is convincing people that God really does want them to receive it, that they can receive it, enabling them to remain convinced that they can receive it, and enabling them to receive it to the uttermost. How did Jesus do that?

Encourage people to think specifically about their dream of abundance. And to face the fears that arise when they do this.

Taught them a process. A way of thinking and acting. Summarised and symbolised by the Eucharist. (Jesus’ unique contribution)

Exodus 3.1 to 4.17: The call of Moses - God answers each of Moses’ fears with grace.

2 Corinthians 2.16 “Who is sufficient for these things?” is answered by 12.9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for (my) power is made perfect in weakness.”

Working through our fears:

- is it for me?                 Yes.   God says: I love you.

- have I enough?             Yes.   God says: My grace is sufficient for you.

- will there be more when I need it?     Yes.   God says: I will keep faith with you.

God is the “I AM” who enables us to say “I am”

I am beloved.

I am a strong and confident person. I can handle this and do it well.

I am enough/ I have enough for this situation, and when I need more (strength, love, courage etc.) it will be given.

The “I” is important. It is our backbone.

When we dream dreams for ourselves, we are in touch with God’s dream of abundance for us. And we connect with the power of God within us which will work with us to make these dreams come true.


Our vision needs to be specific.

But once we are into the process, we need to remain flexible & open-minded about the timing and precise outcome.

We will need to go on listening to this new story of faith, not fear.

Question: What are the fears that prevent me dreaming a dream for myself? Or that arise as I do so? Or as I take a step towards realising the dream?

Express the fear in words.

E.g. Something will happen to prevent me reaching my dream.

Turn each negative statement into a positive statement.

E.g. God wants me to reach my dream. God is working with me to make my dream come true. I have enough, right now, to take one small step towards my dream.

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