Abundant Life for All (3)

The Potency of the Present Moment

Jesus sat down/told the people to sit down. Exodus 14.5-14: You have only to be still.

Isaiah 48.6-13: A new thing Isaiah 49.8. Psalms 96/98. A time of favour, a day of salvation. The present moment.

Be still - so that we can choose how to see the present moment. So that we can make the most of the present moment. Because in the present moment we have everything we need for creative action.

So that we can choose how to see……..

Jesus’ conversation with Philip and Andrew. We choose how we will look at life. How do we see it? Half-empty or half-full? Both may be accurate. Both may be equally “realistic.”   But which way of seeing things will help us towards realising abundant life for ourselves and others? The way we choose to look at life will determine the choices we have. We are urged to “choose life” (Deuteronomy 30.15-20)

Circle exercise - for ourselves.

The present moment is all we have.

The present moment is where God meets us.

We have enough for the present moment. (God’s sufficiency)

We have more than we realise, in the present moment (God’s abundance)

The present moment is the place of transformation.

The present moment is the place where we have to choose, where we can choose life.

In the present moment we can act as if God‘s promises are true.

The present moment is the place of a new beginning.

Be still. So that we can make the most of the present moment. So that we can live within the present moment. Let God show you what you already have within it. How much you already have. You already have enough for now. Enough to make a new beginning. Enough for the first step. Enough for a next step.

Draw a circle. What do I have “in my hands” at this moment, relating to this person/situation? How can I celebrate* what I have?

What fears arise as I do this?

Turn that fear into a statement of faith.

E.g. I feel stupid praying for them. My prayers will never be strong enough to meet their need.

God sees their need. God is enough to meet their need. God does not ask me to be clever, but to be faithful. My task is to let go of my fear (for myself, and for them) and trust God’s love for them.  

* Or

You already have enough for a beginning. By celebrating what you already have, you will gain even more. God will do a new thing.

Imagine God’s love flowing over your hands and pouring back into the ocean of peace. Put your fear onto a “leaf” and let it float away. Put your concern for those for whom you pray onto another “leaf” and let it float away.   This is what it means to trust. We let go of our fear and our concern, and let God do all the work.

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