Healing the Wounds of the World

Healing the Wounds of the World

Week 1: God provides a place of healing

When we are wounded, we look for ways of protecting ourselves so that our wounds have a chance to heal. God finds us where we hide and provides all that we need so that we can heal from within, even when our search for safety and justice takes us among strangers. The stories of Hagar and Ruth illustrate the way that God cares for those who cry out to him. Though they were vulnerable and powerless, their faith gave them the courage to cross cultural and social boundaries, even though this meant taking the risks involved in trusting the strangers amongst whom they settled.

Sunday January 14       Psalm 38         The wounded one cries to God.

Monday January 15       Genesis 21.8-21   God finds us where we hide

Tuesday January 16       Isaiah 62.1-5*       God’s commitment to the healing                             of Jerusalem.

Wednesday January 17   1 Corinthians 12.1-11*   One Spirit, given for the good of                             all              

Thursday January 18   John 2.1-11*         An abundance of the best

Friday January 19       Ruth 1           Committed to one another

Saturday January 20       Ruth 2           Making a home amongst strangers

Week 2: God moves us toward healing and peace

The story of Ruth not only illustrates the breadth and richness of God’s community, but also the way in which that community is built: through honesty, respect, faithfulness, generosity, persistence, resilience, courage and hope. The wounds of the world are not healed by prayer alone, but also by the effort of understanding, the humility of love, the courage to take risks and the grace of personal sacrifice. We commemorate Holocaust Day to remind ourselves that apathy and complacency - as well as sheer malevolence - produce terrible consequences.

Sunday January 21       Ruth 3           Trusting to the integrity of others

Monday January 22       Ruth 4           Fruition and fulfilment

Tuesday January 23       Psalm 19*       The light of the world

Wednesday January 24   Nehemiah 8.1-12*   The joy of the Lord is your                                 strength

Thursday January 25   1 Corinthians 12.12-31*   One Body, inter-connected and                             inter-dependent

Friday January 26       1 Corinthians 10.23-11.1 Consideration and respect

Saturday January 27     Psalm 88       The unhealed wound

(Holocaust Day)

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