Understanding Our Environment

The Landscape

    • Scale
    • Nature & features of the landscape
    • Symbols that orient us, nourish us, renew us, resource us
    • Example - labyrinth
    • Process/es that we need to navigate the land, and that we find operating there
    • Stories of those who have gone before us, and whose experience we cherish because it reassures us, teaches us, inspires us
    • What are the particular features of the landscape in which we are travelling right now?
    • People ask so much of us
    • Church asks so much of us
    • Society asks so much of us
    • We ask so much of ourselves
    • We feel/fear God asks more of us
    • Shortage of resources
    • Limits of what others can offer
    • Limits of what we can offer
    • Walls closing in
    • We have lost confidence in ourselves as people resourced by God
    • 2 Corinthians 2.16: who is sufficient for these things?
    • We know we are not sufficient: we seek reassurance that God is

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